Grades 1-6:  Solar Eclipse Viewing Information 


Grades 7-12*:  All staff and students will be given ISO approved glasses. The students will walk with their teacher at 12:45 to the football bleachers. The dimming will advance to the eclipse by 1:15. Students will return to their rooms.

*7-12 parents may call the school office
to opt out of the eclipse viewing 



Meet the Teacher Night

Pre-K through 6th grade

Thursday, August 17th 

4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

*Students may bring their supplies to their classroom



Illinois Department of Public Health Immunization Reminder


2017-2018 Fee Schedule


Thursday, August 17th and Friday, August 18th - Teacher Institute

Monday, August 21st -- 1st Day of School



  ATTENTION SENIORS AND PARENTS!  Important Information!

Scholarship Information!

 8 Steps to Filling Out FAFSA

SAT Resources for Parents and Students!

Put on your calendar! Financial Aid Workshop! Wednesday, October 11, 2017!

A.C.T. Registration, Test Dates, Deadlines

5 Financial Aid Tips for Parents (from a Parent)

12 Common FAFSA Mistakes

Choose a College More Easily

Upcoming College Representatives Visiting LHS



  Head Start is currently accepting children, ages 3-5, for our FREE preschool program. 

The program is free to income eligible families. 

For more information, please call 309-267-2422 or visit us at 

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Mrs. Jeanne Davis, Superintendent 



We begin our school year with a Solar Eclipse.  These events rarely happen and will be a memorable beginning.  First through 6th grade teachers are planning a viewing event and will be communicating with our school families very soon.  All students and staff attending the viewing will be wearing protective glasses specifically ordered for this event.  I believe the eclipse will occur in the early afternoon, so please be careful as you are driving. I am sure there will be some folks distracted as they look to the sky instead of the road!

Something else worth noticing is the condition of the grounds.  Please make sure to visit the manicured garden inside the Elementary building and pay attention to the condition of the lawns.  Weeds have been “eaten” and trees pruned.  There have even been some flowers planted!  Thank you to Dick Well and the custodial staff and our summer helpers.  Much work has been completed at the High School, as well.   We placed a new freezer/cooler in the kitchen and updated all the main restrooms.  We have begun to replace the aging wall paper with new wall covering and have completed the removal and replacement of  floor tile in another hallway.  Both buildings are sparkling!

This year we are going to make student attendance a priority.  “On Time, All Day, Every day!”  Coming to school “on time, all day and everyday” teaches our young people…even the tiniest among us…discipline, responsibility and work ethic.  All of these qualities are necessary as we prepare these students for college and career.  The General State aid we receive from the government to buy supplies and materials for our classrooms depends on the number of students who regularly attend school.   Children need parents and guardians to encourage them to be here.  Help us help them to be “On Time, ALL Day, Every day!”

Welcome back!  

Jeanne Davis, Superintendent